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Hi there and welcome to my little fanfic website! My name is Beth, and, ok, I freely admit it: I'm totally and completely addicted to "Crossing Jordan." You know, the NBC show that stars Jill Hennessy and airs on Monday nights at 10 Eastern/9 Central? Great show!

Well, this season I started reacting to some of the episodes by writing fan fiction. Sometimes it's my way of trying to work things out in my own mind and other times it's simply continuing the story from an episode as I think things might go. More often than not, it's a combination of the two.

So anyway, I wanted to have a place to share the stories, and thus was born this little website! Enjoy!

NEW INFO! I used all my available pages on this one and still had more stories, so I've started MorgueMusings 2! There's a link on the Crossing Jordan links page to it (or just insert 2 after morguemusings in this URL and then hit enter)so you can read those!

What's What...
So what stories tie in with what episodes? Here's your guide...

"The Aftermath" follows up "112" (aka "Upon This Wasted Building").

"The Flight Home" follows up "Don't Look Back."

"Revelations" follows up "Ockham's Razor."

"Left Alone" gives Jordan's perspective on things while Woody was away playing in the debacle that was "Sunset Division" ~ from my point of view as to what she could have been thinking.

"Girl Talk" is a conversation between Jordan and Lily. Sometimes it takes another person to help us realize what we haven't acknowledged yet.

"Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" picks up right where "Girl Talk" left off.

"Messing With Woody" sort of follows up the episode that could have led to the spin-off...and that whole "chilli-cheeseburger" thing that Hector brought up.

"How Do You Mend A Broken Heart" was spawned from a hike with my dad that made me wonder what if Jordan and Max had gone on a hike when she was younger ~ and why. I had to take it to the spin-off happening to make it make sense, but I think it works. It's still in progress and I'm not sure where the present-day part is taking me. Buckle your seatbelts and hang on! It's totally up now! Enjoy!

"Running" is all flashback but from Jordan's memory in present-day. It's a follow-up to "Curel and Unusual" and that scene where she put a letter to Garret in the mailbox. Most people I know assumed it was a letter of resignation, but the first season all we heard was that she'd been fired from Boston before. So I started thinking...what if it wasn't a letter of resignation but a letter of "I'm sorry, but it's too much too soon and I need a break. I'll be back in a couple of weeks" kind of letter? And thus was born this story.

"That Night" follows up a comment in "Conspiracy" where Nigel looked at Jordan and said "What happened last night will never happen again." My mind just ran with that one!

"A Little Parody Called Home" is just what the title says. It somewhat follows the season finale ~ but is totally a result Jordan's methylhexital-induced altered state of consciousness, so it really has nothing to do with tying up loose ends. Just a bit fluff and fun! Enjoy it! :0)

"Identity" is a "Crossing Jordan/"Law & Order" Crossover. Is Jordan really Jordan? Or. . . It's basically a bit of fun fluff, though there are some dark sides to it. :0)

"Endgame" is technically a stand-alone story, though there are references to and people from past episodes. It takes place a couple of years in the future. It's just sort of my own ideas as to what could have happened to Emily and one way the truth could come out. It's my first non-follow-up and I have no way of knowing if any of this has been on the drawing board or not. Just an idea...

On occasion things will repeat themselves in the stories because I really did try to write them as follow ups based on what we know rather than any backstory that might be there and we as viewers just don't see it. Sometimes there are references to other things that we have learned in the past from dialogue or other things, and those are included when they're relevant.

"Crossing Jordan" and all its characters do not belong to me. They are the property of series creator Tim Kring, Tailwind Productions, and NBC. I merely and humbly borrow them for my stories.
I *do* own Kaidlyn and her mother, Laura, as I created them for my own purposes in some of these stories.
I do not work for the show, nor do I know anyone who does.
Any resemblance to real people, either living or dead is purely coincidental. Likewise any storyline on the show that develops after I've written my story ~ which usually happens the night after an episode airs ~ is pure conincidence. Sometimes I just can't seem to sleep until I work through things.

Comments or feedback?
For some reason, the link function to my email doesn't work, but you can email me at if you'd like to leave feedback or comments! Or if you'd prefer, you can sign the guestbook! I'd love to hear from you!